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How to Stay Safe During Electrical Emergencies

professional electric inc electrical emergencies

Learn how you can best be prepared for electrical emergencies like electric shocks, fires, and outages.

Many electrical emergencies may occur in your home, which can put you and your family at risk. However, there are ways to stay safe while you wait for an electrician to resolve your electrical problem. The sudden appearance of electrical emergencies can often catch you off guard and lead to a delayed response. To avoid injuries or property damage, make sure you are prepared ahead of time to react safely to these common emergencies. Then, you can call Professional Electric Inc. to visit your property and resolve the issue to avoid future risks. 

Electrical Fires

Electrical fires can be caused by many factors. Faulty writing and old appliances can send sparks flying toward flammable materials, and outdated appliances may have hazardous frayed cords. If your appliances are near curtains or carpets, the heat can easily spread to the fabric and catch fire. Cables arranged under rugs or carpeting can also easily be damaged, as a stray spark could set the floorboards ablaze. 

In this event, cut the power supply immediately. Don’t try to unplug the appliance. If the fire came from faulty wiring, the only way to prevent further damage is to shut down the power supply. This will give you enough time to call for help and prevent other complications. 

Electrical Shocks

Damaged outlets and cords expose you directly to electricity. If you experience an electrical shock, it’s crucial to act quickly. Don’t touch a person who has been in direct contact with electricity. Remain calm and call for medical help, as you may be unable to tell how badly someone has been injured. If a faulty wire has shocked them, stay away from it and, if possible, quickly cut all power. If there is a wooden or nonmetal object nearby, you can try to use it to move the wire away from the person. 

If your home has small kids, you should schedule regular outlet inspections to ensure safety. Children should also be taught what to do in electrical emergencies and who to call for help. 

A qualified electrician from Professional Electric Inc. can install a safety switch in your home. This automatically blocks a circuit when it detects electricity flow inconsistencies, which can prevent both shocks and fires. 

Power Outages

A power outage can be surprising and frustrating, whether due to bad weather or a power line problem. Outages may occur due to a simple short circuit, so resetting your breaker can often get your power supply up and running again. 

However, some areas experience more frequent and prolonged outages. If you live in an area prone to outages during storms or seasonal weather, prepare an emergency kit and keep a portable generator on hand.

Power off all devices and appliances during an outage to protect them from damage once electricity returns. When the power does return, wait a few minutes before switching on appliances. 

Schedule regular maintenance with Professional Electric Inc. electricians to avoid these electrical emergencies. We can ensure that your wires, outlets, breakers, and more are in optimal working order. 

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