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How You Know When It’s Time for Home Electrical Rewiring

professional electric inc home electrical rewiring

Do you need home electrical rewiring? Look for these signs!

Faulty electrical wiring can damage your appliances and lead to serious home fires that cause extensive damage. If you live in an older home or suspect that your home electrical rewiring isn’t in the best shape it could be, it’s worth having an electrician evaluate your system. At Professional Electric Inc., our team is equipped to inspect your home’s electrical system and rewire your home if an update is needed. How can you tell when it’s time for rewiring? Look for the following signs. 

A Burning Smell 

One of the prominent signs that home electrical rewiring is necessary is a burning smell or an outlet or appliance. Small sparks behind the wall are likely the cause, so it’s essential to stop using that outlet and contact an electrician to examine it right away. 

Flickering or Dimming Lights 

Lights can dim or flicker when the bulb is not connected correctly. However, this can also indicate an overloaded circuit. If you have noticed flickering or dimming, especially if a lot of wind impacts your home, you may need to rewire your house. 

Discolored Switchplates

Switchplates that suddenly change their color are a warning sign. This change often indicates that the plastic of the plate and the writing connections are overheating. This can lead to fire and other severe consequences if ignored. 

Aluminum Wiring 

Aluminum wiring was most popular during the 1960s and 1970s, as it was less expensive than copper. However, aluminum expands and contracts at high temperatures, which causes faster deterioration and negative consequences. This is just one reason why older homes may need electrical rewiring more. 

Electric Shocks

If you experience minor electric shocks when plugging in an appliance, this can indicate a problem with your grounding connection that should not be ignored. Besides indicating problems with your wiring, electric shocks can always lead to injuries or harm and should be avoided. 

Circuit Breaker Tripping 

When overloaded, circuit breakers trip to prevent dangerous overheating. Faulty appliances are often a cause of frequent circuit breaker tripping. However, tripping can also indicate a more significant problem that demands whole home electrical rewiring. 

Several Extension Cords 

If you rely on the use of many extension cords, this indicates that you don’t have enough power outlets to keep all of your devices and appliances connected. Using extension cords and power strips instead of wall outlets can lead to uneven power fluctuations and overloaded sockets. 

Your electrician at Professional Electric Inc. can install new outlets in convenient places, so you can have access to the safe power you require. 

Burnt-Out Light Bulbs

If you are frequently replacing burnt-out light bulbs, this may mean that your fixture cannot handle the wattage, which causes your lights to burn out. If you have noticed this happening, it’s time for help from an electrician. 

Need a Reliable and Experienced Electrician? Call Professional Electric Inc.

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