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When Is It Time for an Outlet Replacement?

professional electric inc outlet replacement

If your outlets are outdated, it’s time for an outlet replacement to ensure safety.

Electrical outlets can be easy to overlook, despite how often we use and depend on them in our everyday lives. You may only really consider your outlets when they stop working. However, if your outlets are experiencing any problems, it’s best to replace them before serious harm occurs to your electrical system, appliances, or home. There are several signs that indicate it’s time for an outlet replacement. If you notice any of the following, contact Professional Electric Inc. for assistance from our experienced electricians. 

The Outlet Is Not Working

If your outlet is no longer powering your electronics, it must be replaced. However, if the other outlets in the room are also not working, the issue may be a tripped breaker. Make sure to check before you prepare for an outlet replacement. 

Burn Marks or Melting

Look for blemishes on the outlet faceplate, outlets, and the wall. Discoloration and melting are significant red flags and indicate short-circuiting and sparking. If your outlets are in this condition, they should not be used until you completely replace them. 

Cracking and Chipping

Cosmetic blemishes on your outlets, like chips and cracks, cause concern because they enable dust and debris to build up inside the outlet. This debris can act as kindling when a plug is inserted, potentially creating an electrical arc that can cause sparks and fires. It’s best to avoid using chipped or cracked outlets until you’ve replaced them. 

Plugs Fall Out Easily 

Loose plugs may seem more annoying than anything, but the looseness indicates wear and tear that can also lead to sparking and electrical arcing. If your plugs fall out easily, it’s time for an outlet replacement so you can have plugs that work consistently. 

The Outlet is Hot to the Touch 

Outlets become hot to the touch when worn, damaged, or when the wiring is incorrectly installed. Any wiring or electric current malfunction can cause an electrical fire, so you don’t want to leave anything up to chance and instead replace your warm outlet immediately. 

You Smell Smoke or See Sparks

If you see or smell smoke or sparks burning near your outlets or even when you plug in an appliance, don’t ignore the signs. Contact your electrician at Professional Electric Inc. right away to have your outlet inspected and potentially replaced. 

Your Outlets Are Not Grounded

If your outlets are not grounded, they only have two prongs or holes rather than three. This outdated design should be replaced with a three-prong, grounded outlet. If you have never arranged for an outlet replacement in your home, it’s recommended that you do so as soon as possible. 

Flickering Power 

If a device’s power is flickering, it may mean the outlet can no longer keep up with the demand. This may be due to wear and tear, damage, or an outdated design. By replacing these outlets, you can prevent short-circuiting and other damage to your belongings. 

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