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8 Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting Design Possibilities

professional electric inc kitchen and bathroom lighting design

Explore several of the best options for kitchen and bathroom lighting design in your home.

One of the primary concerns many homeowners have is finding the right lighting fixtures for their homes. Finding fixtures for the primary rooms, such as the kitchen or bathroom, can be challenging. You want to find functional and stylish lighting and install a fixture that will last for a long time and through frequent use. If you want to make sure that your kitchen and bathroom lighting is as functional and appealing as possible, consider installing the following features with Professional Electric Inc. 

Track Lighting

Track lighting is an excellent option if you want to increase both the appeal and visibility in your bathroom or kitchen. Track lighting allows you to point your lamps in any direction you prefer, increasing the level of customization you can enjoy. 

Shelf and Cabinet Lighting

One of the most poorly-lit areas in the kitchen or bathroom is around the cabinets. Finding what you’re looking for without proper lighting can quickly become a challenge. Installing under-cabinet lighting is one way to solve this problem while adding ambiance to these rooms. 

Consider Installing Chandeliers

Creating a luxurious environment with your kitchen and bathroom lighting can be done by installing chandeliers overhead. In smaller spaces, this can provide you with a lot of light with just one fixture and save you floor space. You can choose from numerous chandelier designs to find a style that suits your existing style. 

Recessed Lighting

If you want lighting fixtures that will help make your bathroom or kitchen appear bigger, recessed lighting can help. Recessed lighting, in particular, results in “wall washing.” This refers to a lighting fixture that adds illumination to the walls in a specific room for a stylish effect. 

Install a Dimmer Switch 

Kitchen and bathroom lighting can be more easily controlled with dimmer switches. This option not only allows you to adjust the brightness of your room but helps you save energy by not always having your bulbs at full brightness. 

Light Bulb Upgrades

You might want to upgrade your light bulbs when looking to improve the ambiance and illumination of your bathroom or kitchen. You need to ensure that the bulbs you use are of the correct wattage. If you use a higher wattage than recommended, you risk burning out your bulbs sooner. 

Bathroom Mirror Lighting

A vanity mirror with light bulbs built into the frame is a classic addition to any bathroom. These mirrors help you navigate to the vanity when the lights are low, and they offer unique, glamorous appeal. The experienced professionals at Professional Electric Inc. can help you ensure a safe installation of this lighting fixture. 

Kitchen and Bathroom Accent Lighting

Installing accent lighting in your kitchen or bathroom helps you draw attention to the best features in your home while creating an appealing ambiance. Your electrician can help you find the best locations for accent lighting in either room. 

When you invest in excellent kitchen and bathroom lighting, you can increase the value of your home and save money over time with your energy-efficient light fixtures. 

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