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LED Light Installations in Crofton: The Best Lights for Different Rooms

professional electric inc led light installations

LED light installations in Crofton can go throughout your household.

LED lighting solutions are becoming quite popular with homeowners. This is because these lights offer incredible energy efficiency and consistent light output. LED lights can be installed throughout your home to suit your current design style and lifestyle. Professional Electric Inc. can help you prepare for LED light installations in Crofton. The first step is considering how LED lights can be added to improve your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. 

Kitchen LED Lights

Your kitchen can benefit from a range of LED light fixtures. Some of the most common options include recessed styles or pendant mountain. Recessed lights can be used in the ceiling, and LED strip lights can be mounted beneath cabinets for increased task or ambiance lighting. 

Your kitchen requires general lighting in addition to accent lighting. You can create layered LED lighting solutions with your Professional Electric Inc. electrician to create the ideal design. You can create even more versatility by installing dimmer switches. 

Living Room LED Light Installations 

When selecting the best LED lights for your living room, you will want to consider the nature of activities typically performed in this room. Most people use their living rooms as the primary entertainment and relaxation area, so it’s important to install LED fixtures that can help you create an appealing atmosphere. In this room, pay attention to color temperature and aim for a range between 2700k and 3500k for the best mix of warm and cool lighting. Like in your kitchen, you want to create a layered lighting design to provide ultimate flexibility. 

Bedroom Lighting

In this room, the best lights will depend almost entirely on color temperature. The color temperature directly impacts the circadian rhythm of those who sleep in the room, which regulates your sleep patterns. For the bedroom, avoid white color temperatures and look for around 2700k with a maximum of 3000k for the color temperature. You can install track lighting, overhead fixtures, and recessed accent lights in various sizes. 

LED Bathroom Lights

Of course, your LED light installations in Crofton are not complete without considering your new bathroom lighting. You will want a higher lumen output to ensure successful bathroom lighting. This is because the bathroom requires higher visibility for tasks such as shaving or applying makeup. Keeping this in mind, you should aim for a range of lumen outputs of around 8,000 lumens overall. You can select the color temperatures that work better for your personal preference. Don’t go too high with color temperature; your face could look washed out by the white light. You can also consider installing light fixtures like wall sconces, overhead units, vanity fixtures, and more. 

If you are ready to schedule your LED light installations in Crofton, contact Professional Electric Inc. today to find your best lights and create more energy efficiency and consistent illumination in your home. 

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