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The Primary Locations to Install GFCI Outlets in Your Bowie Home

professional electric inc install GFCI outlets

Where should you install GFCI outlets? To start, all exterior outlets should be GFCIs.

GFCI outlets are crucial components of any home electrical system. These outlets are specifically designed to prevent electrocution and the severe damages that can come with overloading an outlet, such as electrical sparks and fire. These outlets are typically installed in “wet rooms,” such as bathrooms or kitchens, and they are required for all new home installations. However, GFCI outlets can be installed throughout your home to maximize electrical safety. If you want to update your current home, call Professional Electric Inc. to have your Bowie electrician install GFCI outlets in the following locations. 

Your Home’s Exterior 

These outlets are located on the outside of your home and are used by homeowners to connect string lights, appliances, and other devices to power. These outlets should be GFCI, as required by the National Electrical Code, but should also have watertight covers that protect your outlets when not in use. Because they are outside, these outlets are exposed to all kinds of wet weather and interference. Exterior outlets can quickly become hazardous without watertight cover and protection. 

All Home Bathrooms

GFCI outlets are also required to be installed in each home bathroom. This doesn’t just apply to outlets near the sink, however, but all outlets in the room. This ensures security in a room where water can splash about unexpectedly. 

Your Home Garage

Garages are not typically associated with water the way kitchens or bathrooms are, but water and electricity-related accidents can happen in your garage. Water heaters are often located in the garage, and electric gardening equipment is often plugged into garage outlets. To ensure safety, it is always best to install GFCI outlets. 

Near Kitchen and Laundry Room Sinks and Wet Bars

Not every kitchen outlet needs to be GFCI. However, they are required to be GFCIs if they are within six feet of the kitchen sink or serving a countertop. 

Any outlets within six feet of a sink or washing machine in your laundry room should also be GFCIs. If you own a bar with a sink, only GFCI outlets should be used to power appliances on your countertop. 

When you work with your reliable Bowie electrician at Professional Electric Inc., you can install the functional and safe outlets your home needs. 

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