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How to Tell if Your Home Would Pass an Electrical Inspection

How to Tell if Your Home Would Pass an Electrical Inspection

If you suspect that your home has electrical issues, then it might be time for an electrical inspection.

Electrical fires are a very real danger to the home, with the US Fire Administration estimating that we see roughly 25,000 every year in this country. The electrical code changes over time to keep people as safe as possible, but older homes are grandfathered in with their existing wiring. This means that your electrical system could be super out of code and potentially unsafe. These four issues are the most common problems that keep a home from passing an electrical inspection. If you suspect that your home has these issues, you should consult an electrician as soon as possible.


Faulty wiring is one of the main causes of electrical fires, and there are some clear signs you should look out for. If you notice a burning smell, if your outlets are discolored, if your lights dim or flicker for no apparent reason, or if you notice shocks or sparks from switches or outlets, you need to have your wiring checked. It may need a complete upgrade, which would make it a great time for an aluminum-to-copper changeover.


The placement and number of outlets is one of the parts of your electrical system that is governed by code that has changed over the years. In the kitchen, for instance, you may not currently have enough outlets to be up to code, and you would need to add them if you did a renovation. The allowable distance between the floor and an outlet has also changed over the years, and certain installations require special types of outlets. 

Circuit Breakers

A fully functional circuit breaker is a great defense against electrical fires, so if there are issues with yours it would keep you from passing an electrical inspection. If your circuit breaker trips even when it is not overloaded or if it trips immediately after being reset, this is a sign of faulty circuit breakers. 


Finally, if your circuits are overloaded, your home would fail an electrical safety inspection. Overloaded circuits usually show signs of it by tripping the breaker, causing lights to dim and appliances to buzz, or having wall plates that are warm or discolored.

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