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What Are Some of the Most Common Problems that Can Affect Your Electrical Panel?

Common Problems Affecting an Electrical Panel

Problems with an electrical panel can usually be condensed into a few common areas.

Without your home’s electrical panel, you’d be sent back to the Dark Ages. Really! It’s what powers your lights, appliances, and all the gadgets you use. Most homeowners may not think about their electrical panel much but once an appliance trips and won’t work, you usually get familiar with it after spending a few minutes doing some research on your phone. To be a better homeowner, you should familiarize yourself with the common issues that can end up giving your electrical panel issues.

Lack of Capacity

Every electrical panel is designed to handle a specific amount of electricity. If you’re demanding more power requirements than it can handle, you’re going to begin to notice issues. These issues most noticeably manifest in ways like power surges or flickering lights. You can check to verify this is the issue by touching the panel and surrounding walls. If they’re warm, that may mean that the overloaded circuits are putting out heat. If your circuit breakers start tripping more often than usual, especially after recently having been reset already, this is a good sign that your electrical panel has insufficient capacity.


If you live in a newly built home or if it’s recently been remodeled, there’s a good chance your home has a 200-amp panel. That’s large enough for most homes but older homes, especially those built before the ‘90s, typically have a panel with half the amount of amps. For an average family, this may not be enough and could result in an overcrowded panel. How do you tell if a panel is overcrowded? It’ll likely look messy. If there aren’t spots for other circuits to be added and wires are crossed all over each other, that’s a good indicator that the panel is overcrowded. You’ll sometimes even see two wires connected to the same breaker. These double-tapped breakers are a code violation that could be a safety hazard.

Corroded Parts

If you see signs of water damage, rust, or discoloration that may indicate corrosion, that’s a real problem. You may keep that area dry but humidity can still cause these issues. If you’re unsure, no worries—bring a professional in to take a look just to be on the safe side.

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