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4 Reasons to Schedule an Electrical Panel Upgrade in Bowie

professional electric inc electrical panel upgrade in Bowie

Schedule an electrical panel upgrade in Bowie to benefit from reliable and consistent power.

The electrical panel is a critical component of your home. Older homes often have outdated electrical panels that, while they may work well today, may cause future problems for your home’s functionality, safety, and efficiency. Upgrading your electrical panel will help you bring your property up to date and help future-proof your electrical system. If you believe you are ready for an electrical panel upgrade in Bowie, contact Professional Electric Inc. today to enjoy the following key benefits. 

Ensure Electrical Safety

Electrical safety is the primary reason for an electrical panel upgrade in your Bowie home. The purpose of your panel is to keep your property safe from power surges and electrical overloads that can cause severe damage. If your home is much older and has a Federal Pacific, Zinsco, or split-bus electrical panel, these panels must be replaced immediately. They are outdated and unsafe and have caused many fires in homes nationwide. 

Electrical components like wires, fixtures, and outlets can all wear down over time. The same is true for your breaker box and electrical panel. If too much deterioration has occurred, a replacement is best to ensure the continued safety of your home. 

Handle Modern Devices

Older electrical panels cannot often handle the electrical demands of all modern devices. As more families add electric-powered appliances, equipment, and smart home tech to their homes, the demands on their electrical panel increase. 

Before upgrading your home and adding new heavy-duty electrical appliances, such as an EV charging station, make sure your electrical panel can handle the new demands. 

Lower Your Utility Costs

Another significant reason homeowners decide to schedule an electrical panel upgrade in Bowie is to save money. Investing in an electrical panel replacement can save you a lot in the long run. This is because older electrical systems come with higher home insurance costs, and an upgraded system will be safer, which means it costs less to insure. Older electrical panels are also less efficient and can raise your utility costs when they don’t function properly. 

Modern smart electrical panels can allow you to track and control your electrical use. For example, you may be able to prioritize which electrical lines get power during high peaks and more expensive times. 

Increased Electrical Reliability 

Residential and commercial properties should have reliable, consistent electrical power. Commercial buildings, in particular, need constant power to keep businesses running. Outdated electrical systems are less stable and can lead to inconsistent power dips. These dips strain the property’s grid and easily overload breakers. 

If your home or business experiences wavering power, you cannot use any of your appliances without wondering whether they will lose power. The wavering power also puts you at a higher risk of electrical fires. 

To enjoy reliable electricity and know that your home or business is protected, schedule your electrical panel upgrade in Bowie today with Professional Electric Inc.

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