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6 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

professional electric inc upgrade your electrical panel

It’s time to upgrade your electrical panel if you notice these six signs.

Your electrical panel is essential to the proper function of your home’s electrical system. You risk fires, shocks, and appliance failure without a functioning electrical panel. Fortunately, you can hire experienced electricians to upgrade your electrical panel and provide you with a secure, long-lasting system. But how do you know that it’s time for an upgrade? Look for the following signs. 

Your Breakers Trip Frequently

Breakers can trip for many reasons, including problems with your electrical panel or faulty wiring. Once all simple fixes have been applied and you notice burn marks or rust on the breaker, it’s time to invest in a new electrical panel.

Your Home Has a Fuse Box

Fuse boxes are in most older houses and have circular fuses connected to each circuit rather than the switches you see in an electrical panel. If your home has a fuse box, it’s time to contact a certified electrician to upgrade your electrical panel. This will ensure your home is up to code and can keep up with the demands of modern electrical appliances. 

You Hear Odd Sounds from the Breaker Box

A light “buzzing” sound from your breaker box is generally expected and safe. However, if you hear popping or crackling, that can signify arcing within the breaker, and the box should be serviced by an electrician promptly. If you avoid this issue for too long, you may be at risk for electrical fires. 

Your Home Is Older Than 20 Years

While living in an old home doesn’t always necessitate an upgrade to your electrical panel, scheduling an inspection is worthwhile. These inspections ensure that your electrical system is up to code and reveal if any improvements can be made. 

A Burning Smell Comes From the Electrical Panel

A burning smell is never a good sign from anything electrical. It can signify significant issues with your breaker box or your entire electrical system. Contact your electrician at Professional Electric Inc. immediately if you smell burning. 

Melted Wires and Scorch Marks

That burning smell may be coming from melted wires. The heat from faulty breakers can melt the shielding on the wiring. Exposed wires can also scorch the metal and plastic inside the panel. These conditions can then lead to arcing and electrical fires. Look out for: 

  • Burns or scorching at the breaker
  • Burns or scorching on the electrical panel
  • Melted insulation or burns on the wires

Contact Professional Electric Inc. to resolve any issues and keep your home safe.

Need a Reliable and Experienced Electrician? Call Professional Electric Inc.

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