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12 Tips for Maintaining a Long-Lasting Home Electrical System

professional electric inc long-lasting home electrical system

You can maintain a long-lasting home electrical system by installing GFCI outlets and other safety measures.

The electrical system in your home works hard every day, but homeowners only take the time to think about it or maintain it if there is a problem. What are some ways you can ensure that you have a long-lasting home electrical system?

Check Outlets Using a Multimeter

One specialized tool that will give you unparalleled insight into your home electrical system is the multimeter. These tools are designed to instantly measure current and voltage flowing into an outlet. This is a straightforward way to check switches and detect problems with circuits.

Use Energy-Efficient Devices 

Energy-efficient devices and appliances are among the best ways to reduce energy usage dramatically. Many things use electricity even when not actively running, so you can also unplug items when you aren’t using them. 

Schedule an Electrical Inspection

Particularly if you have an older home, having your home’s electrical system inspected annually is a good idea. This can ensure there are no specific issues and allow you to get quotes for additional work, like adding an outlet or upgrading an outlet to a GFCI outlet.

Choose LED Bulbs

LED lighting uses 25 to 80% less power than traditional incandescent bulbs, and your bulbs can also last 25 times longer. Swap out your light bulbs for LED light bulbs to support your home electrical system.

Use a Whole-House Surge Protector

Power surges are often inevitable during storms, but they can put your home at risk of a house fire or damaged appliances. The only way to give yourself more protection is with a surge protector.

Schedule a Panel Rejuvenation

If your electrical panel is no longer working as it should, you might need a replacement. However, in many cases, panel rejuvenation is enough. Wires can be replaced or reattached, connections can be refreshed, and updating can be done.

Check for 220 Volt Service

Every appliance has a different voltage standard, depending on the manufacturer and when it was created. Make sure that your electrical system supports 110 V circuits and 220 V circuits.

Examine Wires and Cords

Your home electrical system includes not just the outlets; it also consists of the cords and wires you plug into them. Routinely check the cords on the devices you use most to ensure they are not frayed, worn, or exposed.

Dust Off Appliances

You might think dust is just a nuisance, but it can significantly damage your appliances over time. Practice dusting electronics and other sensitive appliances weekly to avoid dust accumulation.

Invest in Childproofing

If you have little ones at home, take the time to childproof your outlets so kids cannot stick fingers or other objects inside them.

Use GFCI-Protected Outlets

Any part of the home with elevated moisture levels, like the kitchen, bathroom, or basement, should be using GFCI outlets only for the safety of your home’s electrical system. 

Choose USB Outlets

USB outlets are an easy way to charge phones and other electronic devices without using a separate charging block. Installation is both affordable and convenient.

Don’t Hesitate to Call Your Crofton Electrician

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