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6 Reasons to Install Home EV Chargers

professional electric inc install home ev chargers

Trust Professional Electric, Inc. to install home EV chargers.

As electric vehicles (EVs) become more available and commonplace, many homeowners are wondering whether they should purchase their own EVs and invest in a home charger. When you own an electric vehicle, owning your home EV charger is essential for maximum convenience and safety. However, there are a few other advantages you may not even have realized yet. If you are curious about the reasons to install home EV chargers, the skilled electricians at Professional Electric, Inc. can help you understand what these devices can do for your lifestyle. 

Convenience and Time-Saving Benefits

The most obvious reason to install home EV chargers is convenience. You don’t have to find public charging stations, wait in line to charge, or plan your routine around your car’s battery life. Just plug in when you get home, and let the vehicle charge overnight. Wake up to a vehicle that is ready to go!

The Economical Choice Over Time

While the upfront cost of an EV charger may be significant, this device pays for itself in the long run. Home electricity rates are typically lower than the per-kWh cost at public charging stations. Plus, some electric companies offer off-peak discounts you can use to your advantage to lower the cost of charging at home further. If you plan on owning an electric vehicle, investing in a home charger is essential for long-term efficiency and utility. 

Boost Your Home Resale Value 

As EVs become more mainstream, home buyers may have home EV chargers on their home amenities checklist. If you are selling your home and already have an EV charger installed, you may have a newfound edge in the market that boosts your home’s resale value. 

No Waiting

As electric vehicles become more popular, many communities cannot keep up with the demand for public charging stations. By being able to charge your car at home, you don’t have to worry about the condition of public chargers and potential malfunctions that may damage or harm your new EV. 

Advanced Features

Many of the latest home EV chargers have appealing advanced features like smartphone integration. This lets you schedule your charging sessions, receive notifications when the charging is complete, and even track your energy consumption. 

Support the Broader Transition to Clean Energy 

When people install home EV chargers, they not only benefit themselves but support the broader shift towards clean and sustainable energy. As more people use EVs and install home chargers, the demand for renewable energy sources will increase. 

When you invest in a home EV charger, you can enjoy future convenience, savings, safety, and sustainability. The experienced electricians at Professional Electric, Inc. are here to provide you with the charger installation your vehicle requires. 

Call Professional Electric, Inc. for a Home EV Charger Installation

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