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Electrical Panel Service Upgrade in Odenton

professional electric inc electrical panel service upgrade in Odenton

Call Professional Electric Inc. for your next electrical panel service upgrade in Odenton.

Do you need the services of a skilled, licensed electrician in Odenton, MD? Professional Electric, Inc. electricians are here to keep your system in good working order. Our electricians have been trained to provide outstanding commercial, residential, and industrial services. Our family-owned business goes above and beyond for all clients, no matter what the size of the project may be. We are licensed, bonded, insured, and ready to provide all standard electrical services. One of our most crucial services is an electrical panel service update. This enhancement is essential to make your electrical system dependable, operational, and safe. Are you ready for your electrical panel service upgrade in Odenton? Contact Professional Electric, Inc. now to schedule your free estimate. 

The Importance of a Functional Electrical Panel 

Why are electrical panels so critical to electrical function and safety? An electrical panel connects a main power line to a house and distributes electrical currents to the various circuits in the household. Circuit breakers and fuses work to prevent overcurrents while distributing power to various circuits. When you update your electrical panel, you may add the appropriate number of circuits to safeguard your house and satisfy the electrical demands of your property. 

Is It the Time for an Electrical Panel Service Upgrade in Odenton?

When is the ideal time to replace your electrical panel? You must upgrade your equipment to securely manage extra power in your electrical system. An electrical panel upgrade is recommended when: 

  • The electrical panel is between 25 and 40 years old.
  • A new appliance is added to the electrical system.
  • Poor wiring has been discovered. 

Electrical panels require routine maintenance, especially in older homes. If the system is obsolete, an upgrade is essential to retain normal function and eliminate hazards. Your panel must continue delivering adequate power to run all current and new appliances as technology progresses. Your electrician will examine the wiring for flaws that might lead to a house fire or electrocution. This is a significant sign of electrical panel degeneration. The following are symptoms of poor wiring:

  • A burning smell
  • Flickering lights
  • Electric shocks from appliances
  • Hot electrical panels
  • Sparking from power outlets
  • Rust
  • Scorch marks 

Electricians at Professional Electric, Inc. will examine your electrical system and detect any problems listed above. Our electricians will meticulously upgrade your system, restoring your panel’s operation. 

Do You Need a Permit to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

When it comes time to update your electrical panel, it is critical to enlist the help of a professional. This is not only because a professional electrician is aware of every precaution to take but also because they are aware of all permits required for your location and will know how to obtain all permissions as quickly as possible. You can count on Professional Electric Inc. to handle the permits and technicalities of your electrical panel upgrade so that you get the best outcomes possible. 

Prevent Electrical Emergencies with an Upgraded Electrical Panel 

Professional Electric, Inc. provides emergency repair services to our clients when necessary. We do, however, recommend taking care to prevent these scenarios. An electrical panel service upgrade in Odenton will increase your safety and grant you peace of mind. An update provides a more consistent and dependable power supply for your electrical system, enhances your system’s longevity, and improves your property’s value. 

Professional Electric, Inc. is ready to provide you with the best electrical services available to ensure the quality of your system’s installation, maintenance, and repair. 

Call Professional Electric, Inc. for an Electrical Panel Service Upgrade in Odenton

Our family-owned and operated business has earned the trust of the Crofton community for decades. Our team of friendly and expert electricians is licensed, bonded, and insured. From electric panel upgrades to lighting installations, and all other electrical services and repairs in between, you can count on Professional Electric to get it done safely and skillfully. Our dedicated electricians are standing by 24/7 for your emergency electrical situations. We proudly serve customers in Annapolis, Severna Park, Crofton, Gambrills, Odenton, Bowie, Stevensville, Mitchellville, Millersville, Cape St Claire, the surrounding Southern Maryland area, and beyond. To find out more information on our wide range of electrical services, or to get a free estimate from our master electricians, contact us at our website or call 410‐451‐8085, 301‐390‐7620, or 443‐871‐1492. For more ways to stay connected, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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