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6 Fantastic Outdoor Lighting Installation Ideas

professional electric inc outdoor lighting installation ideas

Some popular outdoor lighting installation ideas include lanterns. You can attach lanterns to walls or hang them from ceilings!

Outdoor lighting provides warmth, safety, and style to any property. Whether you want to increase the appeal of your home or prevent burglaries, outdoor lighting is an essential part of your home design. However, there are many different outdoor lighting installation ideas to consider. To determine which lights are best, you will want to consider the area you want to illuminate, the primary purpose of your lighting, and what your budget allows. Then, the expert electricians at Professional Electric Inc. can install your new lighting system. The following lights are some of the most commonly chosen by homeowners. 

Ceiling-Mount Lighting

This lighting installation option is popular for covered porches because it can provide warm general light and make a stylish statement. Low ceilings are best suited to flush fixtures, so no one hits their head. If your porch ceiling is quite tall, you can install a hanging version. 

Flood Lighting

Flood lights cast a broad, high-intensity light beam to provide maximum visibility. This illuminates your house while adding an element of security because burglars avoid homes with well-lit exteriors they cannot hide in. Flood lights are often used in driveways or backyards. 


Some of the most common outdoor lighting installation ideas are lanterns. Lanterns may be attached to walls, hung from ceilings, or placed on railings or tables. No matter what style you choose (and there are many to choose from!), you can find lanterns that add timeless appeal to your outdoor deck or porch. 

Lanterns also look great alongside doorways, while portable lanterns are often added to tables. However, think carefully about buying lanterns that are not installed or attached anywhere, as strong winds can easily topple them. 

String Lighting

String lighting can add a soft glow to your outdoor space. They can be hung from pergolas or awnings or draped around a deck railing, column, or tree. If you want more light and pretty ambiance, opt for larger bulbs. These features can provide a lot of atmosphere, but they don’t offer much illumination, so they’re more useful for visual appeal.

Path Lighting

Path lights are an outdoor lighting installation always worth the investment. Path lights can illuminate and define outdoor pathways, as well as your favorite parts of your garden and plant beds. You can find path lights that are stakes driven into the ground or install lights that are flush with your path. 

Motion Sensors

Motion sensor lighting adds an extra sense of security to your home and yard by instantly turning on whenever movement is sensed. These are best used with walkways, pointed at your front and back doors, patios, and potentially dangerous areas like a swimming pool. 

Motion sensors are an inexpensive way to deter burglars. The automatic turning on of the lights will startle and deter any thief attempting to trespass. They also alert you to any outdoor activity you may need to notice.

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