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4 Tips for Electrical Surge Protection

professional electric inc electrical surge protection

Learn what you can do to install electrical surge protection in your home.

You have undoubtedly heard the phrase “power surge” before. But do you know what it really means? And what causes those power surges? If you are a homeowner, it is essential to understand what electrical risks your home might be susceptible to and how you can prevent these hazardous situations. To ensure electrical surge protection for your home, remember the following tips. Your electrician at Professional Electric Inc. can visit your home to help you establish safety measures and ensure that all devices and outlets are working properly.

What Is a Power Surge? 

A power surge is an event where the electrical current running to or in your home is temporarily boosted beyond the point of safety. This event is brief and can happen within a tenth of a second, but it can nevertheless seriously harm your home and appliances. 

The most common cause of a power surge is the use of high-powered tools and appliances such as fridges, space heaters, power tools, and more. These devices create a massive demand for power from your home’s electrical supply. Other causes include faulty wiring and issues with your supply grid. 

Install Surge Protectors

One simple way to ensure electrical surge protection is to use a surge protector system. However, not all power strips have a surge protector. The use of these protectors is beneficial for sensitive home equipment, including personal computers and entertainment devices. Purchase switches that delegate electrical power to various plugs, as this will help you avoid overusing energy and reduce appliances’ energy “leeching.”

Install More Outlets

The electrical demands of a modern home far outpace the outlets available in homes that are even ten years old. If you are living in an older home and frequently find yourself in need of outlets, call Professional Electric Inc. to install more. More outlets improve your convenience and spread out your electrical burden, which lessens the risk and dangers of a power surge. 

Update Current Electrical Outlets

Is your home equipped with grounded outlets? It should be, as grounded outlets have been required since the 1960s. Grounded outlets have three holes (two vertical slits and one semi-rounded hole in the center bottom for the ground wire). These outlets help mitigate the dangers of a power surge and protect your appliances from damage and potential fires caused by faulty or overloaded outlets. 

Repair Faulty Wiring

You can also practice electrical surge protection by repairing any faulty wiring immediately. Aged, damaged, and faulty wiring can cause sparks and put your home at risk. To avoid the possibility of dangerous and unpredictable outlets, have your electrician inspect your wiring and recommend improvements as soon as possible. 

Need a Reliable and Experienced Electrician? Call Professional Electric Inc.

Our family-owned and operated business has earned the trust of the Crofton community since 1990. Our team of friendly and expert electricians is licensed, bonded, and insured. From electric panel upgrades to lighting installations, and all other electrical services and repairs in between, you can count on Professional Electric to get it done safely and skillfully. Further, our dedicated electricians are standing by 24/7 for your emergency electrical situations. We proudly serve customers in Annapolis, Severna Park, Crofton, Gambrills, Odenton, Bowie, Stevensville, Mitchellville, Millersville, Cape St Claire, the surrounding Southern Maryland area, and beyond. To find out more information on our wide range of electrical services, or to get a free estimate from our master electricians, contact us at our website or call 410‐451‐8085, 301‐390‐7620, or 443‐871‐1492. For more ways to stay connected, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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